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Why Should I Reserve a Bike in Advance?

Some rental items have limited quantities and “out of stocks” do happen. A reservation ensures an item is held specifically for you in the correct size you indicate.  We value the riding experience and strive to help you have a great ride. Reservations ensure a bike is held for you and helps us better serve you when you arrive by often speeding up the checkout process.

Is the Price Online the Same Price as if I Walked in?


How are Charges Calculated?

All rentals are charged on a time basis. Select your Start day (the day you pick-up) and Return day (the day you return) and select the item you’d like to reserve. The system will display estimated rental charges for the rental period you’ve indicated.  With a only a few exceptions (e.g., very large groups), short term reservations (1-2 hours) are not accepted.

Do I Need to Leave a Deposit?

To secure your reservation, you are required to pay for your rental at the time of booking. In addition, an ID and Security Deposit ($200.00) are required when picking up rented items.

What Size Bike is Right for me?

Please give us a call at 1-866-91-BIKES and we can help you over the phone or see our page on bicycle sizing.

Can I Change a Reservation?

Yes, in most cases your reservation can be revised to change dates or equipment without penalty.  Contact the shop at 1-866-91-BIKES.

What’s your Cancellation Policy?

To cancel an online reservation, simply call (480)-899-3625 with your Confirmation Number. Cancellations made 48 hours or more before pick-up will receive a full refund of the deposit fee, less a $10 processing fee. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before pick-up are not eligible for a refund.

Do I Have to Sign a Liability Release?

Yes, cycling can be a dangerous activity and we want you to clearly understand these risks and what responsibility each involved party has regarding your rental. Online reservations through and, requires the user to agree to terms and conditions, which includes a Liability Release, Waiver and Indemnification. You are also required to sign a print copy of this or similar document when picking up at the shop.

Can Someone else Ride the Bike if I Rent?

Bikes whether road, mountain, or comfort are only to be ridden by the individual specified during the rental checkout process and as outlined in the Waiver, Release & Indemnification.

Do you offer Rental Insurance?

No. and do not offer insurance on rented bikes and   equipment.

What if the Bike is Stolen or Damaged?

The renter is held responsible for rental bikes and equipment from the time it is released to the renter’s custody until the time it is checked back in. To avoid additional fees, make sure to always care for and protect your rented  equipment as if it were your own. It should be returned in essentially the same condition as it left the shop.  If needed, check your credit card and homeowner’s policy for possible coverage.

How Do you Protect my Privacy / Information?

We value your privacy as much as we value your business. Under no circumstance do we provide unnecessary access to your personal or transaction information (except as required by law).  All   credit card transactions are conducted via a secure encripted connection and we do not store your credit card information. For complete details please   refer to our privacy policy.

What is is the online booking system that uses to handle all bicycle rental reservations.  is a nationwide bike rental reservation system.