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Throughout Arizona there are shops that allow you to rent bikes for whatever occasion, but none of them compare to Global Bikes Bike Shop. Phoenix, Arizona is a world class cycling destination with great weather and lots of local trails, canals, and bike friendly roads, which are great for mountain biking with friends, cruising around with family or racing with a road bike.  Global Bikes has the best selection of Specialized bike rentals in Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona.

Global Bikes Pricing

Specialized Road Bikes: 1 Day $75 | 2 Days $130 | 3 Days $175 | After 3 Days + $40

Specialized Mountain Bikes: 1 Day $65-100 | 2 Days $110-175 | 3 Days $150-230 | After 3 Days + $40

Specialized Electric Bikes: $125/Daily

Global Bikes loves to help.  Call us at (480)-899-3625 or Toll Free 1-866-91-BIKES.